Services provided- mixing, mastering, producing, music consultation, pre-production, instrumentation 

John Lee owns and managers Pheadra Studios. He is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, mix engineer and mastering engineer.

As a composer he has scored 65 episodes (5 series) of Channel 10s Offsrping starring Asher Keddie, along with an ABC Artscape documentary and numerous TV commercials (clients include NBA (USA), Volvo, Bonds, Myer, US Cellular (USA), Vodafone and many more).

As a producer/mix engineer he has been involved in many Australian releases from such artists as The Murlocs, Mod Con, The Stroppies, Laura Jean, Lost Animal, Beaches, Grand Slavo, Emma Russack and Taipan Tiger Girls to name a few. He has been actively involved as a producer or mix engineer in no less than seventeen RRR albums of the week.

He has restored and remastered some of his favourite eclectic, ground breaking and experimental compositions for the Dual Planet, Votary and Roundtable record labels.

As Mountains in the Sky he creates cinematic tone-poems that defy categorisation.

His productions are inspired by his broad appreciation of music and characterised by a delicate attention to mood and emotion.

Project management-

At Phaedra we understand the complexities of the modern music business and budget limitations. We will always endeavour to work to budgets of any size and can help determine a schedule that gets the most out of the resources available in the most efficient way possible.

This may include recording some material at home or at other studios (though Phaedra is one of the most affordable in Melbourne).

Therefore, John is happy to mix material recorded elsewhere including home recordings. He is also happy to incorporate home recordings with Phaedra sessions. He has been known to mix up to 9 songs per day but also enjoys diving deep into mixes and spending up to 2 days per mix. He can work entirely “out of the box” using Phaedra's famed Calrec S series console and extensive outboard equipment but he can also work entirely “in the box” (within the computer) for those preferring the limitless tweak potential.

Using Phaedra's equipment and John's mixing ability to finish off your mixes is also an option and can bring a new depth to the final product.

Tracking at Phaedra can also be extemely productive with some bands tracking their entire album in one session (though this does not suit everyone's expectations).

Ultimately it is most important to design a schedule which best suits the artist or bands expectations and budget.