All rates and times are negotiable and include studio hire fees. 

Rates with John Lee as engineer, produder etc are as follows-

Weekdays 10am - 6pm $600 per day
Weekdays 1pm - 9pm $700 per day 
Weekends/Public Holidays 1pm - 10pm $800 per day

Can be done ITB, OTB and/or from tape. 
Digital sessions can also be passed through tape if desired.

Mixing rates range from $350 - $600 per song
Factors include- mix/arrangement complexity and number of everall songs. 

Mastering rates (includes masters for digital, vinyl and CD)

1-3 songs $100 per song (and songs longer than 6min)
4-7 songs $90 per song
8+ Songs $80 per song

2” tape hire $200 / purchase $750 
1/4” tape hire $60 / purchase $200 

Music Consultation
Assistance with writers block, project management/direction, demo feedback, funds efficiency etc.
$50 p/h minimum 4 hour sessions 

Please contact us to discuss your project and how to most efficiently use your resources.